GET in THE GAME! FANADIX! It begins with a FREE Game Station allowing you to earn points and then you can spend your points on the exchange. You can select these items with your points from our exchange platform such as a free trip to your favorite exotic destination. The Decision is yours!!! Just Click on your favorite City below, and copy the link to Sign into your new Game Station for Free... and now begin earning points which you can spend on our shopping exchange today: IT IS EASY... IT IS FUN... AND... IT IS FREE...

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FANADIX!!! Sign up for free....Just wanted to share something new that I am very excited about. It is a new One Stop Site for viewing all sports across the world where you can see every sporting event and all live scores in real time at one place and see updates via video and SOON online live video of your favorite sport where you can pick the camera viewpoint to watch from your device. Be the quarterback/be the race car driver and choose what 'fan cam' you want to look through.

You also get paid by communicating with friends like on Facebook, except you now get paid for it. You can play for points and wager your points and win big and spend your points on the exchange or sports pubs/hotels and other places around the world. It is free to join, and you even earn 10 points by joining the site and an additional 100 points by joining the Community Site

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